Morinaga brand

Innovative extraction buffer and corresponding ELISA system

・Using our innovative extraction buffer containing surfactant and reducing agents gives accurate results to detect food allergens in both raw and highly processed foods.

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・Manufactured by ISO9001 certified facilities

・We offer good repeatability, reproducibility, less lot-lot difference kit and they give stable results all the time.

Our technical support team will support your assay and solve any issues

・Our technical sales members travel all over the world and visit your company to support your testing directly or explain about our products in more detail.

・Whatever testing problem you have, please e-mail us.

That’s the fastest way to solve any issues.

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Positive feedback published by clients in a variety of articles

・You will see how our kits work from our web page, leaflet or internal data. But please check what our clients have said.

・Please visit and see the articles, to see more details about our products.

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