Morinaga technology

Food allergen management is required.

There are many risks in food factories for food allergen contamination.

Storage Shipping
Allergen contamination may come from outside.How can you prevent it? Is the line carefully washed between processing of food with mandatory labeling and those without? Is stock condition monitored effectively? When your clients ask about food allergen certificates,Can you explain satisfactorily?

Check with Morinaga Food Allergen test kit series

・High sensitivity

・Effective for both raw materials and highly processed foods

・2 types of test kit, ELISA and Lateral Flow device (rapid test)

e.g.) For processing and Storage, an easy and rapid Lateral Flow kit is recommended.

For raw materials and shipping, a quantitative and high sensitive Food Allergen ELISA Kit is recommend.

With these, let’s control food allergens internally and prevent them coming from outside.

For more critical analysis issues, see below.

What is a “False negative”?

It is well known that many processed foods produce “False negative result” in commercial allergen test kits because of the insolubility of the target protein.

*False negative result: A result in which food samples actually contain food allergens but a test kit can not detect it

To solve this critical issue,

Morinaga developed a novel food allergen analysis method for unprocessed and processed foods by combining the special extraction solution and unique antibodies

Showing how effective our extraction buffer is with boiled egg example

Comparison between incurred foods with Morinaga Extraction buffer and commercial buffer

Morinaga Extraction buffer and antibodies successfully detected target allergens from highly processed foods.