Dec. 05. 2016

Presentation at China International Food Safety & Quality Conference + Expo 2016 (CIFSQ2016)

The China International Food Safety & Quality Conference 2016 (CIFSQ 2016) hosted by the International Association for Food Protection took place in Shanghai November 2nd to 3rd.
This international annual conference, making its 10th anniversary, is for food safety and food management, which are important issues in China.
Presentations were given by global administration officials, organization officials and leading specialists in food safety, microbial testing, food allergy and risk management.
Many companies related to food safety and connected fields exhibited at the event, with more than 300 attendees coming from home and abroad.
MBST, our affiliated company, gave a presentation entitled “Recent Development in Applying Food Allergen Testing in Thailand” at the Food Allergen Management session in CIFSQ 2016.
With the presentation, we introduced our project for the construction of food allergen labeling in Thailand and also our food allergen testing for the management of food allergen.
Many attendees showed interest and shared their opinions during the presentation.
We are continuing our work to spread our food allergen testing technology, long-approved as an official method in Japan, all over the world in order to eliminate the food allergen accidents.