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Wheat / Gluten ELISA Kit

We offer innovative food allergen ELISA kits for gluten-free which can effectively solubilize and extract proteins from processed and unprocessed food by using an innovative new extraction solution.This Wheat / Gluten ELISA Kit is sandwich enzyme immunoassays for the quantitative determination of Gluten amount in processed or unprocessed food.
This kit is validated in multi-laboratories (published in J. AOAC Int. 2006) and announced as a gluten analytical method in Gluten Free Food Labeling Rule established in August 2013 by US-FDA.

The kit was assigned PTM Certification No. 011804 by the AOAC Research Institute.

For more information about PTM, click here (move to AOAC).

Kit Characteristics

High recovery

Using an innovative extraction solution, the recovery rate is extremely increased. The Wheat / Gluten (Gliadin) ELISA kit can detect the target protein from highly processed food.

High sensitivity

The sensitivity of the gluten is 1.05 μg/g food. The dynamic range detectable by this kit is 1.05 – 68 ppm gluten (High Range Assay).

High specificity

The specially prepared polyclonal antibody can achieve less cross-reactivity against the foods using various ingredient.

Standard extraction solution

The sample preparation/extraction is performed by using standard extraction solution for all food allergen ELISA Kits.



PTM certification


Kit Specifications

Principle Two step Sandwich ELISA method
Measuring range Recommended Assay : 0.26 – 17 ppm gluten
High Range Assay : 1.05 – 68 ppm gluten
Sample volume 0.1 mL
Measurable sample number 40 samples (Duplicate)
Sample Extraction Overnight (at least 12 hours) or Heat for 10min as Short Time Extraction Method
Measuring Time Within 2 hours (excluding Sample Preparation/Extraction)
Reproducibility Intra-, Inter-, Lot to Lot reproducibility: C.V.≦ 10%
Kit component All liquid (except Antibody-coated module)
Storage 2 – 8 degree Celsius

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