Product Info.

QC Materials

QC Material is the incurred food containing a certain amount of food allergen proteins.

It can be used for skill evaluation, internal quality control, etc. of food allergen testing.

Product line

Product Name Cat. # More Information Instruction
QC Material Egg M2601
QC Material Milk M2602
QC Material Wheat M2603

Product Characteristics

  • The QC Material is a powder sample made of polysaccharide and sake residue.
  • The homogeneity is validated by the method referred to ISO 13528.
  • The measurement values by the Food Allergen ELISA KitⅡ can be downloaded from a dedicated client page.
    The client page needs login ID and password. If you do not have those,
    please feel free to contact us.

Product specifications

Content Approx. 1.3 g / pack
Quantity 5 packs
Storage 2 – 8 degree Celsius

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