Morinaga Institute of
Biological Science, Inc.

Instant Swab Total Protein

Instant Swab Total Protein
Cat. M2401

Wheat/Gluten ELISA Kit Cat. M2103

This kit is a swab test designed for the quick detection of protein residues.

It can be used as an indicator for monitoring the cleaning process on cookware and food production lines.

There is no need for special equipment and the preparation of any reagent.

After swabbing the surfaces, you only need to soak the swab in the reagent to get the result.

If there are proteins on the surfaces, the color of the wiped swab will be changed after soaking the reagent.


Content 50 tests / pack
Limit of detection 10 µg (Determined with Bovine serum albumin)
Assay time In seconds
Shelf life 30 months from date of manufacture
Storage temperature 4 ℃ - 25 ℃

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