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Rapid Test ProⅡ

Rapid Test ProⅡ for Crustacean
Cat. M2267

Rapid Test ProⅡ for Crustacean Cat. M2267
Rapid Test ProⅡ for Crustacean Cat. M2267

Materials come with Rapid Test ProⅡ

Rapid Test ProⅡ for Crustacean is a qualitative test kit using a lateral flow device.

It is designed for the quick detection of Crustacean protein from allergenic ingredients in unprocessed and processed food, as well as on environmental surfaces (swab test) and in rinse water.

The extraction buffer used in this kit is the same as ELISA KitⅡ and identical for all Rapid Test ProⅡ kits.

Therefore, Rapid Test ProⅡ retains superior performance in the detection of target proteins in both highly processed foods and raw materials.

The buffer in this kit is ready-to-use.

All materials such as tubes, pipettes and swabs are included in this kit.


Test Method Lateral flow
No. tests 10 tests / kit
Limit of detection Food: 5 µg/g (5 ppm) Crustacean protein
Surfaces (swab test): 1 µg Crustacean protein / 100 cm2
Rinse water: 5 µg/mL (5 ppm) Crustacean protein
Target antigen Tropomyosin
Assay time 15 min
Storage temperature 2℃ - 8℃

Food reactivity data

Please check the lot number of the kit and refer to the file below corresponding to the last three digits of the lot number.

Technical note

- Why does our test kit can detect target proteins from both raw materials and processed foods?

Processed food contains a mix of native and denatured proteins
Technical note
Denatured proteins are insoluble and difficult to be detected by using popular buffer to extract
Technical note
The Morinaga kit detects both native and denatured target proteins, making it ideal for both raw materials and processed foods

Our original extraction buffer enables to solubilize denatured proteins.

It also allows native proteins to be a same conformation.

Technical note

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