Morinaga Institute of
Biological Science, Inc.


Reagents for Food Allergen ELISA KitⅡ

M2503 Reagent A SDS
M2504 Reagent B SDS
M2505 Reagent C SDS

Rapid Test ProⅡ

M2261 Egg SDS Kit insert Leaflet
M2269 Total Milk
M2263 Gluten
M2264 Buckwheat
M2265 Peanut
M2266 Soya
M2268 Walnut

Rapid Test Easy

M2241 Egg SDS Kit insert Leaflet
M2242 Casein
M2243 Gluten
M2244 Buckwheat
M2245 Peanut
M2246 Soya
M2247 Crustacean

Test kits for biomarkers

M1103 Ultra Sensitive Rat Insulin ELISA Kit SDS Kit insert
M1104 Ultra Sensitive Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit
M1305 Mouse / Rat Leptin ELISA Kit SDS Kit insert
M1304 Mouse C-peptide ELISA Kit SDS Kit insert

Test kit for animal feed and MBM (meat and bone meal)

M3102 Heat-treated Bovine Protein ELISA Kit Ver. 2 SDS Kit insert

Material for lateral flow immunoassay and bioassay

M4111–M4113 Gold Colloid AuH1 (50 nm) SDS
M4121–M4123 Gold Colloid AuH2 (40 nm)
M4131–M4133 Palladium Colloid Pd1 (100 nm) SDS